Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Janey Mac and Uly's new feline family

It's been a long time since I've had the chance to sit down and add anything to the Wolfberger blog.  This October we decided to foster and adopt three adult male cats from the Mississauga Humane Society.  They are wonderful cats and Janey has taken a liking to Edward the part smokey Siamese - Tabby cat (8 years old).  Eddie thinks he is a dog and spends most of his time with both Janey and Uly.  Janey loves to give him a bath by licking him to death any chance she gets.  We also have a short haired tabby called Percy and Bubba Louis a big black and furry part Persian and part Maine Coone.  The cats love people especially children and have made the perfect companions to the dogs.  I'm happy that the cats have found a family and that the dogs are both loving and kind to them.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Can you spot the wolfbergers?

Janey Mac and Uly love to follow us from room to room and it's funny how such big dogs can blend in almost camaflouge that you don't notice them.  Janey loves to carry around her big bones and drop them everywhere so we can trip over them at every opportunity.  Her other favourite is the basement freezer where she knows all the goodies are kept.  She loves to stand in front of it hoping that the lid will magically pop open and a bar of ofal will pop out!

You'll notice that the house definitely has a dog theme when the artwork includes them.

Spring and Early Summer 2010 Update

Big hellos from the wolfbergers.  They have been very busy helping us with all the Dog Shows and Events this year.  They started off with the All About Pets during Easter weekend and Janey Mac earned her Canine Good Neighbour certificate.  They were charming and well behaved with all the large crowds and didn't show any signs of stress or being upset.  In fact they were more upset when there was nothing to do and no one to meet.  Then they both worked the big show.  Woofstock 2010 this past June.  Wow!! It started off with Janey participating in a celebrity look-alike contest at the King Edward Hotel.  She almost placed first but came in a cool second as the princess from Avatar.  What a good sport.  She had fun and it showed.  The following weekend she started off Woofstock and the fashion show on Saturday.  Followed up by a well deserved break on Sunday.  Ulysses worked Sunday for Janey and wowed the crowds and participated in the fashion show as well.  What good sports.  After that they helped celebrate George's 46th birthday with a houseful of guests (all dog lovers and owners) of course.  Followed up by a huge Canada Day celebration (23 people in all) including 8 kids.  That of course meant delicious bbq for both Janey and Uly in the form of chicken, pulled pork sandwiches and angus burgers.  The dogs certainly had fun on Canada Day.  They didn't mind the fireworks or sparklers.  The weekend brought on more houseguests in the form of little cousines Maya and Jordan for Saturday and now the kids are off for the summer so the dogs are in for a lot of activity.  Coming up this month will be the Niagara Dogfest, July 23-24 weekend in St. Catharine's.  Here are a whole bunch of photos.  Hopefully we will have more time to take some cool pictures of all our activities this summer.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 2010 for Uly and Janey Mac

Well the spring rains have started and both Janey Mac and Ulysses prefer the dry and warm interiors of their home than being out and about exploring puddles.  Janey will be turning 2 years old next month and Uly will be a mature 3 years old.  Wow how time flies and how quickly my pups are mature dogs.  Well in age they are mature but they are as goofy as when they were pups just bigger.  Here are some recent photos I took of them quite intent on taking a cookie break after a long nap.  It's hard work sleeping all morning.  I wouldn't know but then again I'm the hard working human in the house .....

Okay, now back to the hard task of falling asleep again .... zzzzz

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 2010

Well a relatively quiet winter, Valentine's Day has passed and February is almost over.  Janey Mac is nearing the end of her second heat and it hasn't been bad at all.  She's grown a wee bit more and soon I'll have to make a special coat for her for St. Patrick's Day.  Uly was beautifully groomed but then Janey roughed him up so much he's a mess again.  While Janey has been in heat Uly and I have had some time together walking our friend Lucky the chocolate Labrador.  Uly and Lucky are good buddies and they are beautiful to watch together.  They walk in tandom. 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's a New Year 2010

Well another year has gone by and both Janey Mac and Uly are getting older.  Not always more mature on  Janey's part but bigger.  That's for sure.  The brain fairy is still only visiting instead of staying permantly and she's a bit of a bruiser.  Tough girl who's not really aware of her strength most times.  She's also becoming a teenager / adult who definitely does not like to be challenged.  She never starts a fight but can certainly finish one.  I'll have to take some new photos of the upstart who has now not allowed to come with me to the leash-free dog park anymore since she was not amused over a little terrier growling at her and decided to clean house not once but twice.  It took 3 of us to pull her off the terrified female dog who might want to reconsider picking fights with dogs a hundred pounds heavier than her.  I had actually sat on Janey holding her by the tail while George was trying to put her leash back on and she walked towards the dog with me holding on for dear life.  Another man (thank-you) who ever you are by adding some extra weight and holding her back end for me.  She could have killed the other dog instantly but thankfully she was only out to teach it a harsh lesson about messing with her.  Unfortunately it started to squeal like a rabbit, mouse whatever and her prey drive kicked in.  Holy $#!$#@@ was she determined to just "go to town" on this poor terrier.  Thankfully no physical marks on the dog but for sure it will need a life time of psycho therapy and is probably having nightmares of flying werewolves attacking it.  Well what can we say.  While she was fighting Uly was busy eating a tennis ball he took from the dog park.  He managed to consume half of it while the fight was attended to and threw up the rest of it that night on his dog bed for me to have to wash the next day.  At least for now all walks will be on lead and no more dog parks for a while.  I really don't want to have to go out and buy a muzzle for Miss Tough B if I don't have too.  She can happily run around our back yard and terrorize poor Uly. 

Here she is skulking around the livingroom with her spooky werewolf eyes.  Of course she's a total coward with humans and a real sensitive marshmellow. 

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays!

It's Christmas time for the wolfberger clan and big hurray, Janey Mac has learned that Christmas decorations are to be admired and not eaten.  So we happily have all our decorations up this year.  We hope all our friends have a wonderful holiday, a safe and happy one and we'll be back in the New Year!

Here are some pictures I took as each year we have photos of our kids and our dogs celebrating each Christmas season.  Uly was actually sulking because a cookie treat fell under the coat stand and he couldn't reach it so until I retrieved the treat he wasn't going to smile for the camera. 

All the best to everyone for the New Year to come!!